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Why sign up to the ABCUL Academy?

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There are many benefits to the ABCUL Academy -

Round the clock online access – 24/7 access means that board, staff and volunteers can complete their training at a time that suits them. They could be at home, in the library or, if there are quiet periods, dedicated time during work hours. This in turn helps to prevent that reduction in service which benefits the member.

A centralised system – This allows you to keep all of your training in the one place, so you are no longer trying to track down who has done what training and when.

It's consistent – So everyone receives the same message and it’s delivered, evaluated and tested in the same way.

Administrative access – Administrators are able to create and track learning pathways for their users, and are also able to report on the status of activity and assessments carried out. This helps you to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements. These can be used during board meetings to update the board, as well as used in appraisals for staff members.

Links to other processes – The Academy can be linked to staff PDP’s, Inductions, certification process and the senior manager’s regime - which is especially important given the growing emphasis around regulation, both from a PRA and an FCA perspective.  Particularly in relation to accountability and competency, the system will allow you to address some of the regulatory challenges credit unions face by allowing you to record and evidence your training through the academy. It also allows staff to further develop their knowledge and provides staff with an incentive to complete the Certificate in Credit Union Professional Conduct.

Updated externally - The Academy is updated by people responsible for delivering financial services training, and who are subject experts on regulatory compliance and risk. This provides timely updates to ensure accuracy of information. This can represent a huge cost reduction for your credit union

Helps mitigate risk – Knowledge is essential as it helps us protect your members and employees from different types of risks including financial crime. The Academy will help your users to better understand why certain rules exist in the first place, and this in turn will assist in protecting your credit union from various operational, financially and reputational risks.

Melanie Gilmore NHS Credit Union

“The NHS Credit Union is delighted to have access to the new online ABCUL Academy. We really believe it’s transforming the way we deliver training to our board and staff.In the past, training would be conducted in group sessions, which came at a huge cost to our members.

We would either be forced to close the office or reduce membership services. Not everyone would be able to attend either due to annual leave and sickness. Accommodating everyone would make delivery of training very difficult.

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Having come from a financial services background where this level of training was classed as the ‘norm’ I am extremely excited about the way our credit union will now be delivering training.

There are so many benefits to talk about, and I would gladly talk about the academy all day, as I am in complete awe of the new system.“